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Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

    If you want to make money online with affiliate marketing there's five things that you need to have.

    Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing
    Free Affiliate Training From Video

    Let's get started with how to make mone online with affiliate marketing.

    I'm going to go over five things that you need in order to earn ten thousand dollars per month so make sure to watch this video all the way to the end because i'm going to show you a product that fulfills each and every one of these items.

    You can get started with it yourself and get on that path to earning ten thousand dollars a month yourself.

The first item here is that it's got to be a killer product that's in high demand and what i'm going to show you at the end is one of those products.

    Item number, two and this is very important, is that it needs to be able to produce recurring income. The hardest part of affiliate marketing is converting a prospect into a customer. If you can do that and get them on a subscription where they pay month after month and you get a commission month after month then you're making passive income.

It's really hard to just go after one and done products and then have to do it all over again and convert people over and over again that's really hard to do so it's best to start off in my opinion to build up recurring income.

Then you can go after those high ticket products and products that are like one and done, but they earn you large commissions.

    Item number three is that it needs to be affordable to most people and it should be price competitive with other
    competing products in the market. I'll show you that at the end of this video about this product too.

    Item number four is that it needs to have a proven marketing system you need to be able to automate this so you can go on that cruise ship and kick back have everything automated and running for you once it's set up.
Item number five; it needs to be have a good training program so you can put it all together and have that automation all going for you. You need to know all the basics about marketing and how to put your funnels together and how to make all the everything work with these products.

    Okay so what product am I talking about here? I'm talking about Builderall. Builderall is the best all- in-one marketing platform. This tool satisfies each of these items discussed here. Builderall is an all-in- one marketing platform that creates funnels for you and does a lot more like websites, email automation, webinar hosting, ecommerce and checkouts and a host of other things all integrated for one low affordabl price.

    Builderall does everything you need, fully integrated, for one low price.

    It's a killer product that's in high demand. If you think about it, everyone who's doing online marketing

    needs those tools. They need email they, need in a funnel for number one number two but they might need all these other tools from you know shopping cart and e-commerce to hosting webinars and all these other things that you might want to add on plus it's got features like pop-ups and exit pops and all kinds of other things for online marketing.

It also has a great affiliate program where you can earn commissions by promoting it. It's a two-tier affiliate program so if you bring people in you get commission. If your customers bring in new customers you get paid for those too.

You get paid on two different levels so you can quickly add up uh build up to a recurring monthly income with this system.

    Once you've got that base income you can go after whatever you want to do but, it's hard at first and when you're starting off with affiliate marketing to sell one product and they wait 30 days for the money to come in and then you might not have anything in your pipeline if you can build this up and you've got recurring monthly income to survive on then you can just take your time and really focus on whatever whatever else you want to do.

Let me show you a little bit more about Builderall and the other points that it makes with these five items.

Builderall has a plans page. Here's all the plans that they have you can get started for free try it out and it goes all the way up from the builder to the premium plan. It has everything you need. It's got funnel builders. It's got a website builder, unlimited sub- domains, a blogging app,super checkout so you can do e- commerce with it. It's got bump calls, split testing, cdn page load or accelerator, smart pop-ups. You can share your funnels just like with like Clickfunnels and it's secure. It's got fully integrated email marketing and everything.

    A great thing about Builderall is that everything is integrated. You don't have to put a funnel builder together with an email system or chat bot. There are no hassles to get it all working. You can have all of this integrated in one all-in-one marketing platform and it's all at one low price.

    If you consider the price of Clickfunnels it's $97 a month just for building funnels and if you want to add email onto that you got to upgrade it to like $297 a month. Also, you only get like 20 funnels and 100 pages. You can quickly use that up if you're a marketer and you're making a bunch of pages.

This one low price is another one of the items, it's got to be affordable to most people and it has to be competitive with other systems out there. I used to

    spend 60 bucks a month or more on my email autoresponder and 97 a month for click funnels and then I had a bunch of other things like Teachable and Manychat, etc.

    Builderall has it all integrated in here for one low price and it's unlimited email subscribers, pages, funnels etc. with the Premium plan.

    If you want to have a 50 000 email subscriber list in in active campaign you can go to their pricing page it's hundreds hundreds of dollars a month. Add to that all the other tools and trying to make them work all together with multiple logins. This is just a no- brainer. It sells itself because it's a killer product that all businesses online need, it's low cost and it is all integrated.

Builderall also has all the training inside. Plus I'll show you more about some extra affiliate training that you can get if you want to be an affiliate for Builderall. You can get this free training that's worth many thousands of dollars with the training and the bonuses. It tells you how to sell with paid ads and free methods. I'll get into that at the end of this video too if you stick around.

    So there is a pricing plans page and i'll put a link to this in the description of this video, but I want to go

    into what you get as inside the the affiliates area. There's Builderall funnels here in the Funnel Club if you are a premium member.
    You can promote builder all as an affiliate and you can have all these funnels pre-done for you. All you have to do is set your links.

    There's an offer for a free website to get people started and get them very interested. Once they're interested they're likely going to stick around because they see the value in it and so there's all of these funnels and if you're using it for your own business there's these niche funnels too.

If you're an agency or freelancer you can go to people and offer these DFY funnels. There's one for a dental businesses you can go to real estate businesses and you can have these pre-done funnels already done for you for them and then um just edit them as you need. You can go after all of these local businesses. Again it's a tool that everybody needs everybody needs a website everybody needs lead capture and everybody needs email automation so there's all of these different done for you pre-done funnels as well.

If you're an affiliate and you want to see how much you can earn there's an income calculator. Let's say you're promoting and you sell the premium plan and over the course of a year you do you sell one of these per week. So you've got 50 by the end of the year. You've got 50 sales and that will bring you a thousand dollars and 48

    per month based on the commissions and it's let's say that out of those 50 uh 20 of those people end up being affiliates and they sell 10 themselves. That's in the course of a year $5,242 recurring monthly income to you.

Wouldn't it be nice to have that as your base income? Then you can use some of that money for advertising and go after some other items instead of spending all your time and effort trying to convert one customer one and done and then trying to go after another customer one and done. You've got the ease and the peace of mind that you've got all of this income coming in passively.

    Let's say in the course of another year you've got 100 and this is 40 affiliates and they each sell 20. Now you're talking almost $19,000 a month in recurring monthly income. It's going to take time to build up I'm building it up myself but you can see the potential here is that recurring income is the name of the game. That's the key point i wanted to make out of this video is that you have a great product that sells itself it has a lot of good features. It's in demand so you can build up recurring income. It's affordable for most people in fact at $69 dollars per month it's less than the cost of just ONE of those other tools like click funnels which does just one thing.

If you wanted to get started and be an affiliate for this and sell this I wanted to show you some killer training that you can get by my buddy Chad and that's

    how I got started with this. Chad is the number one seller of Builderall. He's got a full training that would normally cost fourteen hundred dollars ($1400), but you can get that training for free by signing up for the marketer plan or the premium plan.

    I'm going to leave a link below in the description of my video and i'll show you that right now once you sign up for that it'll take you here you'll sign up you'll sign up here enter your email and then and that will take you here where you can get all this information on this full training that chad provides.

    Again he's the number one seller of builder all in the world and he has all this training really knows what he's doing here's all the testimonials from it and all you got to do is sign up for the marketer plan or the premium plan.

If you want to start making $10,000 per month with this killer product and forget about promoting all these other products, and avoid shiny object syndrome to just focus on this one thing, then sign up today.