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How To Get The Best MLM Leads With Facebook and Attraction Marketing

    How To Get The Best MLM Leads For Free With Attraction Marketing. Using tTargeted MLM Leads Generation With Facebook

    1. Are you a network marketer who has run out of friends and family to bug about your MLM business?
    2. Are you tired of chasing people who are not even interested in your offer?
    3. Wouldn't it be great to have people reaching out to YOU who are actually interested in your opportunity?
    4. In this video I'm going to reveal some steps you can take to start using attraction marketing to become a lead magnet and start generating leads today.
    5. This method works for both MLM and Affiliate Marketing opportunities.
    6. Make sure to stick around to the end where I'll reveal how you can learn a lot more about how to use attraction marketing
    7. What I'm talking about here is Attraction Marketing

    So what is attraction marketing?

    This is a way to share value with others selflessly which will actually get people interested in knowing more about you. Once they start to check you out they will see your opportunity and some will be curious and ask you about it.
    This starts a genuine dialog with someone who is interested in what you have to offer instead of you reaching out to people who may or may not have any interest in what you have going on.
    There are over a Billion people on Facebook alone. Let alone using Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and the new kid TickTock plus many other social media you can use for exposure.
    This method is focused in on Facebook.
    Using Facebook and groups were are going to find like-minded people with whom we will share valuable information.
    We are adding value to the group and not selling anything.  People who notice you will check you out and will see your opportunity. From there, if they are interested they will contact you for more info or, better yet, join your opportunity or buy your products.

    Step 1) Facebook Profile Setup.
    We want our facebook page or profile to be prepared. We don't want it to look spammy; we want to be real and authentic.

    1. Clean up your profile of any products and links to products.
    2. Start posting value.
    3. Putting out valuable content will get people to friend request you.
    4. Value content from MLSP.

    Step 2) Join 10 groups

    Post daily.
    Take copy from your profile or page and create a post.
    Use attention grabbing image of .gif.
    Modify for 10 groups and post. If you're lacking time just do 5 groups.

    "Hope you are all having a great day!I was just talking to my friend online and she told me about a way to get consistent leads. The training was no cost so I signed up and it was really good."

    Step 3) Follow Method
    Find popular leaders. Click the people tab and
    Find popular posts and start following the people who are actively commenting.A lot of them will notice you and will want to check you out.

    Step 4) Friend Method
    Start friending people that look to be quality or that fit your personality.
    Use real message and conversations. Find a way to make it personal so they know you are genuine.
    Don't copy and paste canned messages.
    Have fun with it! You're connecting with like-minded people.

    Start off a conversation asking "Hey would you like to know of a great opportunity?" or "Do you need more leads?".

    My Leads System Pro:
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    Use it yourself to develop your marketing skills.
    Share what you have learned with others as your value content.
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